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It's Time for your Fresh Start--Let the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

In 1978, Congress approved the Bankruptcy Reform Act, which is now known as the Bankruptcy Code. The primary purpose of the Bankruptcy Code is to enable the honest but unfortunate individual an opportunity for a Fresh Financial Start. In these hard times, countless families are without the present ability to service their debt after paying their modest going forward living expenses. In many cases, relieving the burden of debt through a bankruptcy is the beginning of that Fresh Financial Start. At the Law Offices of Scott W. Spradley, P.A., I welcome the opportunity to meet with you during a Free Consultation to discuss the best way for you to meet your financial objectives.

If yours is one of the many families burdened by the overwhelming stress of debt, and the uncomfortable practices of debt collectors, it may be time to see if you are ready for your fresh start. The threat of foreclosure, repossession, wage garnishment and frozen bank accounts is no way to live life. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy offers those who qualify with the prospect of eliminating unsecured debt, without limitation on amount, in as little as 3 or 4 months in many cases. At the Law Offices of Scott W. Spradley, P.A., I will personally evaluate your current financial situation and discuss with you whether Chapter 7 is a meaningful solution for you during your Free Consultation.

For others, your financial objectives may be realized through the filing of a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy case. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a tremendous means for those who qualify to retain the family home without fear of a foreclosure. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can provide you with as much as 60 months to cure the arrearage on your home mortgage payments. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can enable you to eliminate the second mortgage on your home, and exit bankruptcy with only the first mortgage obligation going forward. How can this be? Well, it depends on a variety of factors, which I will personally review with your during your Free Consultation with me. Should you qualify for Chapter 13 bankruptcy and should your financial circumstances enable you to have your second mortgage eliminated, I will counsel you regarding the risks and costs associated with filing a Chapter 13 case. I would welcome the opportunity to assist you to attain your Fresh Financial Start at the Law Offices of Scott W. Spradley, P.A.

If your small business is struggling to bring in revenues sufficient to meet operating expenses, I will personally meet with you to discuss whether your business is a candidate for reorganization under Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. It is often the case that small businesses need only the breathing room that Chapter 11 offers, in order to develop a Plan of Reorganization that fairly treats the creditors of the business, but which also enables the business to retain sufficient revenues to allow it to operate going forward. I look forward to personally meeting with you to discuss the prospects for your small business to reorganize under Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Just contact us to schedule an appointment with me at the Law Offices of Scott W. Spradley, P.A.

Making the decision to file a bankruptcy case under any Chapter is a tremendously tough choice. At the Law Offices of Scott W. Spradley, P.A. I will personally counsel you and discuss the pros and cons of filing bankruptcy. We will discuss your financial objectives, both for you and for your small business. And we will do our best to ensure that you have the most current and relevant information at hand when you make the decision to file for bankruptcy relief or instead weather the storm without bankruptcy. Contact me today at the Law Offices of Scott W. Spradley, P.A. and we will schedule your Free Consultation to discuss the best path for your Fresh Financial Start.

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